Billabong Ranch Adventure Park: A Victoria Holiday Park with Activities for Adults

The term ‘adventure park’ conjures up images of horseback riding, mini golf, pedal boating, rock climbing and pony rides—activities that appeal to the whole family. At Billabong Park Adventure Park, we offer all of the above and more. However, if you are looking for a holiday park that is more geared toward adult interests, you can still find that here at Billabong.

Wine Tours and Pub Rides Available

At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, we are lucky enough to spend our days in the beautiful Victorian bushland near Echuca and the Murray River. This setting is perfect for school camps, trail rides on horseback and scenic wedding photos, and is part of the reason that families from all around Victoria visit our holiday park each year.

This gorgeous setting also puts us close to Cape Horn Vineyard, one of the most beautiful wineries in all of Victoria. The proximity gave us the idea to create a unique wine tour. Instead of heading to the winery by bus or shuttle, like so many wine tours start, we begin with a horseback or horse drawn carriage ride through our rustic bushland property.

On the way, you will cross rivers and enjoy sprawling views of stunning Echuca forests. Upon your arrival at Cape Horn Vineyard, you will enjoy a mighty reward: scrumptious wood-fired pizzas and samples of flavourful red wines or sweet whites. Whether the occasion is a family reunion, a bachelorette party or simply a weekend getaway with friends, there’s no more fulfilling way to spend a Saturday. Alternatively, we offer an overnight version of this trip that starts with a Friday night campfire, reaches the winery at midday Saturday and returns to Billabong Ranch for a camp dinner and bed.

If you aren’t a wine fan, you may opt for our pub ride. A longer and more demanding ride, the pub ride generally draws the more advanced riders from our holiday park visitors (though there is a carriage ride available for those who are less experienced). The destination is the Falcon Hotel, the perfect spot to have a steak, enjoy a pint, play a game of billiards, rock the jukebox or take in a game on TV, before heading back to Billabong Ranch.

Start Planning Your Holiday Park Adventure Today

If you’ve been searching through holiday parks in Victoria, looking for one with activities geared specifically towards adults, you’ve found it in Billabong Ranch Adventure Park. From the leisurely rides through the bushland to the delicious cuisine and alcoholic beverages, our winery tours and pub rides are the perfect activities for groups of adults needing to unwind.

Plus, with the option for an overnight winery tour and opportunities to plan group getaways using our bedrooms and bunkhouses, your group can be as big or as small as you want it to be. We’ve hosted getaways for small groups of friends, and team building weekends for huge corporate business groups, as well as anything in between. Suffice to say that, no matter what you’re looking for in a holiday park in Victoria; you can find it at Billabong Ranch.

Are you interested in learning more about our winery tours or pub rides, or in booking accommodations for your overnight group? Call us on 03 5483 5122 to start making arrangements.

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