Experience the Relaxation of One of Billabong Ranch’s Horse Riding Holidays Near Victoria

Your alarm clock rings on Monday morning. You hesitate to get out of bed, mentally preparing for another taxing work week. As you make your way to the office, you find that construction is being done on your usual route which leaves you stuck in traffic for nearly an hour. By the time you arrive, you are already noticeably grumpy and looking forward to Friday.

If this sounds like you, you may be in need of a holiday.

Billabong Ranch Adventure Park is located just out of Echuca Moama, a mere 2.5-hour drive from Melbourne. Our almost 400 acres of picturesque landscape offer a beautiful backdrop to take a step back, relax, and enjoy nature’s wonders. We offer a variety of both single day and overnight horse riding holidays around Victoria that will have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

Winery Tours and Pub Rides Make Horse Riding Holidays in Victoria a Real Treat

One such horse riding holiday in Victoria is the Winery Tour—a trip through the Australian bush that can be made on horseback or in a carriage. The tour takes you past the area’s lovely rivers, historic bridges, and gorgeous bushland and roads leading to its final destination, Cape Horn Vineyard on Murray River. Once you’ve arrived, relax by sitting down to a delicious wood fired pizza while sampling a fascinating array of white and red wines.

Those with a love for beer may enjoy the Pub Ride. This lovely horse ride requires more skill to navigate, but for those who are capable the beauty of the trail makes it well worth the effort. The scenic trip leads to Falcon Hotel, about 15km from Echuca, where you can enjoy a game and a meal before setting off on a leisurely ride back home—the ultimate relaxing day.

A Weekend Horse Riding Holiday at Billabong Ranch Will Have You Feeling Good as New

If you’re feeling much too tense for a mere single-day holiday, you may enjoy a weekend trip. You and your party arrive on Friday night and are welcomed by the warm glow of the campfire before settling in for the evening. Saturday morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast, head out on horseback to enjoy the Winery Tour or Pub Ride. After riding along the river back to the Ranch, relish in another relaxing evening by the fire before what is sure to be a night of peaceful sleep.

Sunday is replete with activities that will certainly enliven your spirits. You can choose between a 2-hour River Trail horse ride followed by a burger at Billabong Ranch Café; or take the Paddlestreamer Cruise, obtain a day pass to the National Holden Museum, and finish your day off with a tour of The Great Aussie Beer Shed. The most stress you’ll likely experience on this particular Sunday is deciding between the two.

No matter what you choose, Billabong Ranch’s picturesque views and connection with the purity of nature make it a relaxing place to spend a day or an entire weekend. You may find that our horse riding holidays are just what you need to turn your frown, upside down.

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