Plan Your Next School Outing, at the Billabong Ranch Holiday Camp in Victoria

Planning an overnight field trip for a school or class is no easy feat. You have to find a destination that can accommodate a large group and offer plenty of activities, but you also want to choose a place where your students will learn something. Many teachers and schools these days are heading off to the cities and taking their students to museums and other attractions. At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, we would propose an alternative option: take your students to the country instead.

The Beauty of a Country Getaway

As one of the premier kids holiday camps in Victoria, Billabong Ranch Adventure Park has long stressed the importance of letting kids ‘get back to nature’ in a unique way. While our holiday camp in Victoria does provide indoor lodging—between our various bunkhouses and cabins we have space enough for up to 140 students—we endeavour to keep as many activities outdoors as possible.

Indeed, from horseback riding through the Victorian bushland to pedal boating on our small lake, kids will have ample opportunities to spend time outside at Billabong. Perhaps most importantly, they will be far away from the TV screens, smartphones and video games that seem to dominate so much of the youth experience these days.

When you bring your class or your school to Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, you will be able to watch them flourish in a range of different games, sports and team building activities. Onsite, we have a playground, a miniature golf course, an archery range, a rock climbing wall and plenty of trails. We also have a terrific staff who will coax your students to work together to achieve goals or win games. With programmes available for primary and secondary schools alike, our camps are versatile enough to appeal to virtually any school group.

With many kilometres of horse riding trails, you are welcome to incorporate horseback riding into your itinerary as well. Another terrific aspect of choosing Billabong Ranch as your holiday camp in Victoria is that you and your school get to design a big part of the student experience. While we have a list of activities that we offer, the teachers, parents and school administrators are ultimately the ones who design the itinerary.

Book a Victoria Kids Holiday Camp for Your School Group Today

Museums and parks are beautiful, but your kids will have plenty of opportunities to experience the city in the months and years to come. Opt for a country getaway and choose Billabong Ranch Adventure Park as your kids holiday camp in Victoria. With so many activities to choose from and a huge emphasis on nature, animals, physical activity and camaraderie, one of our camps is the perfect method to bring your students together.

If your search for holiday camps in Victoria brings you to Billabong Ranch, give us a call on 03 5483 5122. We can book a date and start making arrangements for your school group right away!

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