Our Horses

This is the section of the business where it all started. Our horses have helped to make us what & who we are today. They are hard work, all weather, 365 days of the year, only ever get sick on public holidays (expensive vet fees), run away when you need to catch them in a hurry (& think it’s funny), & hundred of other things that make non horsey people say “Why would you bother??”
We know why!

It’s the call of greeting when they see you in the morning, the gentle nudges when you are having a bad day, the extra effort when you really need it at an event, the forgiving nature that allows them to forget some of the stupid things that we expect them to do (even if they don’t understand it), the beauty of a gangly foal taking it’s first steps, the quite patience of a matriarch mare with the same foal at 4 months of age when it knows everything (Hey, sounds like our kids), and every little thing in between that make horse owners & lovers the world over take delight in this magnificent creature.

Yes we love our horses. No matter what breeding, colour or size.