Looking for Good School Camps in Victoria? At Billabong Ranch You Can Run Your Camp Your Way

Finding ways to keep young students engaged throughout the long school year is the fundamental challenge to school teachers all over the world. More and more studies come out every year that reveal the traditional classroom setting, day in and day out is not the most conducive to active learning. It is necessary for children at all stages of development to be exposed to many different learning environments. Most importantly, it is necessary for those in youth and adolescence to have sufficient exposure to the outdoors. For this reason, more and more schools are mixing outdoor activities with their classroom activities. While school playgrounds offer some exposure to the outside world, it rarely does so in an educational capacity. For this reason, school camps in Victoria have been increasing in popularity as an effective means of bringing the classroom outdoors.

Finding a School Camp in Victoria with Flexible and Customisable Itineraries

Billabong Ranch is located just under three hours outside of Melbourne. Despite our proximity to the large city, we offer nearly four hundred acres of quiet outdoors solitude, perfect for groups of any size. Where we set ourselves apart from some of the other facilities used for school camps in Victoria, is that we allow you to use our facilities in whatever manner will be most conducive to your group’s requirements. Instead of offering specific packages that require you to pay for elements that may or may not be necessary for your intended excursion, we want you to be able to take advantage of as many or as few of our resources as makes sense for your agenda.

For example, two ways in which school camps at our facilities tend to vary in size and service. Our ranch can efficiently house up to one hundred and forty individuals, yet we are comfortable serving very small groups or classes as well. When it comes to food, we offer a similar range of flexibility. We have a host of catering options and we can deal with just about any dietary need. We are happy to provide all your meals and accompanying service. Alternatively, self-catering is available as well if you would like to limit your overall spending for your school camp.

What Can You Do with a Large Group at a Billabong Ranch School Camp?

We offer such an extensive range of activities on our grounds that you would be hard pressed to take advantage of it all without spending at least a week or two on the grounds full time. For those interested in animals, we have a nursery and we also offer lessons in horse grooming and horse riding. If you’re more interested in sports, we have a Frisbee golf and mini golf course as well as volleyball courts. Considering the range of activities available as well as the flexibility we offer in every aspect of our school camp service, you and your group will be able to shape the outdoors experience that you desire out of your time here.

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