Looking for a Camp to Take the Kids for a Week? Check Out Our School Holiday Camps in Victoria

Even the most dedicated parents need a break from time to time. Whether this means just calling a babysitter for an evening so you can catch a movie, sending the kids to the grandparents for a weekend, or sending them to a camp for a full week, it can be good for both parents and children to have some space now and then. Babysitters are an option for many parents for most situations. If the duration of your excursion is more than a couple of days, though, this is no longer a viable option. Grandparents or godparents that can look after your children work for many occasions, but only if you have someone who lives close enough to be able to do so. This is why if you are seeking a private trip away from your children, a summer camp is the best option. It also gives your kids the chance to get a bit of a vacation themselves during the time that you are gone. Our school holiday camps in Victoria are a perfect opportunity to take a break from parenting while giving your children a chance to explore their outdoorsy side.

What is Included with a School Holiday Camp in Victoria at Billabong Ranch

Our ranch, which is less than three hours outside of Melbourne, features more than four hundred acres of country territory for your children to explore, discover, and refine their love of the outdoors. Our school holiday camps in Victoria are week long endeavours that provide all necessary amenities. Our lodges are comfortable bunks that can house more than one hundred guests at a time. When it comes to food, we can deal with just about any dietary needs and can provide for our guests as much as necessary.

What your children will be able to do at Billabong Ranch is far too extensive to cover in its entirety. Our itinerary for the school holiday camp focuses on introducing children between the ages of seven and seventeen in horse husbandry. We have lessons on horse grooming and riding, saddling and jumping, and a lot more. You do not have to have any prior experience with horses to enrol in our camp. We accept those with any background in husbandry, including none at all!

Give Your Children a Blend of Education and Fun at Our School Holiday Camp

Any summer activity or camp has to be an enjoyable time, and we make sure that is the case at all of our school holiday camps. At the same time, if we can teach your children a thing or two about farm life, first aid, and general health while we’re out here, it will yield the best possible camp experience. It is important in any discipline to start your children at a young age. We seek to expose children to farm life and horse husbandry early on so that if they take an interest, they can develop and hone their skills. We also want everyone, regardless of their interest or degree of passion in farm life to have a fun time too, so we also offer campfire night, big screen movies, and countless games to make sure everyone is entertained during their stay.

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