Wedding Carriages

Billabong Carriages offers a magnificent range of carriages & stable of horses to make your wedding day spectacular.

Cinderella Carriage

This design is straight from the Royal Stables. Ideal for those wanting an intimate carriage for their wedding. Drawn by a single horse, with a formally dressed driver. Seats 4 to 6 inside. A hood can be raised on one side for a slightly different look. A magnificent mode of transport.

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Cinderella Coach

A spectacular custom built coach drawn by a pair of horses. This coach has modern safety features with magnificent craftsmanship & old world charm. Designed for comfort the Cinderella Coach has a high timber ceiling with royal burgundy trimming & buttoned seats. Seats 4 to 6 inside with plenty of leg & dress room, 3 at the rear & room for an additional passenger alongside the driver. A sensational addition to every bride’s day.

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Burgundy Landau

Be treated like a Princess for the day. Seats 4 inside & 2 on the back seat. Offering the alternative to the white carriages but the same stylish look. Perhaps the groom or bridal party may prefer this little gem.

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Cobb & Co. Stagecoach

Part of Australia’s history. The Cobb & Co Stagecoach is endearing to those that require a less formal look. Also preferred by couples that love the cowboy, country theme. Seats 4 to 6 inside, 4 to 6 at the rear & 4 to 5 at the front with the driver. The Driver can be dressed in cowboy gear or black pants, white shirt, black vest & black akubra. The Cobb & Co is also a great way to transport your guests. Let them be an active part of your special wedding day.

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The Surrey

The green & gold surrey with the fringe on top. This is a lovely carriage for any occasion. Recently refurbished, it seats up to 8 people. The back is enclosed with a solid hood & covered overall with the roof. Driver can be dressed in cowboy gear or black pants, white shirt, black vest & black akubra.

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