Find Fun for the Whole Family, at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park in Victoria

Have you been looking for adventure parks in Victoria that can offer a range of fun activities for the whole family? Look no further than Billabong Ranch Adventure Park. For years, we have been offering school camps, wedding reception venues and horse riding trails in the heart of a gorgeous Red Gum Forest. Those activities and attractions are arguably what we built our name on, but they are not all that defines the experience visitors get when they come to Billabong Ranch Adventure Park. On the contrary, we offer an extensive list of activities that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Our Activities

The great thing about Billabong Ranch Adventure Park is that you can come here for one activity and still have time to enjoy all the others. It’s easy to spend a whole day here and keep everyone in the family entertained for the bulk of the time. Don’t believe us? Read on for a list of the attractions we have to offer at our adventure park in Victoria.

  • Horse Rides and Pony Rides: Adults, teenagers or older kids can partner up with one of our horses and enjoy a trail ride through the forest, or younger kids can enjoy a pony ride with one of our skilled handlers.
  • Pedal Boats: Is it a warm day? Strap on a life jacket and climb aboard a pedal boat. Each boat seats two passengers, so a family of four can race each other around the dam or from island to island for hours of aquatic fun.
  • Rock Climbing: With three different levels of difficulty—beginner, intermediate and advanced—our rock climbing walls present athletic and strategic challenges for all.
  • Mini Golf: Miniature Golf is one activity that never gets old—no matter your age. With 18 holes (all indoors, to get you out of the sun) our course provides plenty of obstacles and tricky slopes to test your coordination and aim.
  • Archery: Take up a bow and arrow and aim for traditional targets or floating balloons. Compete against your family members or try your marksmanship against the top scores from our past visitors.
  • Animal Nursery: We love animals at Billabong Ranch, from our trail horses to the baby animals we care for in our animal nursery. If you are looking for a pet, this is the perfect place to find a new kitten, puppy, guinea pig, rabbit or goat.
  • Frisbee Golf: Our Frisbee golf course is built around a theme, with each hole representing a major city or town from around Australia. The result is a fun course that makes you feel like you’ve travelled around the whole country.
  • Playground: Do the parents need a breather from a day’s worth of activities? Visit our playground and let your kids enjoy our slide, outdoor bowling alley or beach volleyball court.

Visit our Adventure Park in Victoria!

If you want to experience one of the most versatile and fun adventure parks in Victoria, pay a visit to Billabong Ranch Adventure Park today! You can find us at the corner of Glanville Road and Tehan Road in Echuca, VIC. Call us on 03 5483 5122 if you have any questions about our programmes or activities.

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