Celebrate Authentic Country Holidays in Victoria on Horseback

When you’re looking for a unique and memorable country holiday, come and celebrate in the farmland with your friends and family at the Billabong Ranch. We are located in the beautiful Victoria outback and we offer a host of activities to make the most of laid back country holidays in Victoria. For years, families and groups have been gathering at the beautiful home of the area’s friendliest horses, situated within the Riverine area of Echuca along the stunning Murray River.

Our guests can choose from a wide variety of fun and family oriented horse related activities to include fantastic trail rides that can accommodate a variety of ages and horseback riding abilities. Our instructors can lead children and instruct those just beginning to explore horse riding. We offer exceptional views of the Australian outback, at a casual and relaxed pace. Imagine being nestled upon your very own horse, enjoying the outdoors and removing yourself from technology for a while. You can take a stroll or an unhurried trot trough the majestic Red Gum Forests, following the twists and turns of the river on a clearly marked and safe trail. By the end of the ride, you and your trusty equine companion will be fast friends with memories to last a lifetime. Also, we supply standard helmets for your safety and our tenured instructors are holders of coveted accreditations in Australia for horse safety.

Now everyone can enjoy a Romantic Carriage Ride on a Country Holiday in Victoria

When you’re seeking a truly unique and romantic experience, why not hop on board and tour the lovely Victoria outback in a carriage? Our marvellous carriage horses operate during school and public holidays as well as weekends. Beginning at the Port of Echuca, Victoria, we provide carriage rides for couples, families and groups. Each of our carriages is available for fun-filled tours of the adjacent winery, corporate functions, beautiful weddings, business promotions, advertisements, filming, photography shoots and special events to include birthday, race day or debutante drop off celebrations.

Picture being snuggled safely in a sturdy carriage, taking in the breathtaking views of the local sights, while your trusty stable horse guides you on a relaxed ride through the paths of Echuca. You can have a beverage or lunch and then board at local hitching posts, where you can see the sights with your significant other. Curving slowing through the historic buildings and businesses a ride in a horse-drawn carriage can be a romantic treat with flair. Although the Billabong carriages are housed in Echuca, we will be happy to travel to you throughout NSW and Victoria.

Plan a Memorable Country Getaway for the Whole Group

Don’t just gather the group, plan a country getaway that will stay in their memory and be talked about forever. At Billabong Ranch, we provide a superb scenic background for families and groups to house retreats while experiencing the wonder and magic of the picturesque landscape of the Echuca-Moama area. Why not call us on 03 5483 5122 and scheduled your carriage ride?

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