Get Your Kids Interested in Horses, with a Top-Rated Horse Riding Camp in Victoria

For many people who start horse riding as children, it evolves far past just being a hobby and becomes a lifelong passion. Horseback riders form incredible bonds with their animals that carry them from childhood into adulthood and through many of the trials and tribulations they face along the way. To put it simply, the sport of horseback riding provides many rewards and benefits, gifts that keep giving for 20, 30 or even 50 years.

If you are looking to interest your son or daughter in an activity that he or she will love for life, a horse riding camp is a perfect place to start. At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, we offer a one-week horse riding camp in Victoria that might just be the ideal start to a lifelong equestrian passion. The camp, which covers horsemanship, husbandry and riding skills, is open to children between the ages of seven and 17.

The Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

Not sure whether a horse riding camp is the right summer activity for your children? If you are on the fence, you might consider reading through this list of benefits and rewards that are typically associated with an equestrian lifestyle. We extol all of these advantages at the Billabong Ranch horse riding camp in Victoria, and all are valuable for any child.

  • It keeps kids active: The first benefit of horse riding is the same as the first advantage to any other sport: it’s an outlet for fitness and physical activity. If you’ve never been on a horse before, you might not realise the full athletic benefits of the sport. After all, when you are riding, you are just sitting on an animal’s back while it moves. However, staying on a horse and retaining control of the situation requires plenty of energy and very strong core muscles. Kids who come to Billabong’s horse riding camps in Victoria typically leave in considerably better shape than when they arrived.
  • It’s an enjoyable social activity: At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, our horse riding camps stress the social side of the sport. Students learn horse riding skills together, getting a chance to improve and grow as a unit. Our camps also include a slew of other activities, from archery to grooming and saddling courses, all the way to social campfires.
  • It teaches respect for animals: Horse riding is unique among sports in the relationship that forms between a horse and a rider. Your child will not only learn how to ride a horse but also care for, feed, love and respect the animal. Sometimes, young horse riders take this care and respect with them as they grow up, becoming veterinarians or other stewards of animal care. Even when equestrian lovers choose not to pursue careers in animal health, though, they carry a deep respect for animals and nature that is all too rare.

Enrol Your Child in One of Our Horse Riding Camps in Victoria Today

Give your kids a summer they will never forget! Enrol your child in our horse riding camp in Victoria today. Call us on 03 5483 5122 if you have any questions or concerns.

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