Get Away from the Stressors of Everyday Life, with Horse Trail Rides in Victoria

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a chance to get away from it all. During the week, you’re bogged down with work. In the evenings, it’s bills and family obligations. Even the weekends, once an oasis of relaxation and escape, offer little siesta in the age of smartphones, social media and constant communication. It sometimes feels like, to get away, you would need to slip back in time, to a moment before all of this technology overwhelmed our lives.

At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, we can’t claim to have a time machine, but we do think we can offer the next best thing: scenic horse trail rides through our gorgeous wooded property. Situated in the Riverine area of Echuca on the Murray River, Billabong Ranch provides dozens of beautiful trails through Victoria’s relaxing Red Gum Forests. Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon activity or simply want a few hours on the weekend where you can switch off your phone and return to nature, one of these trail rides is just the ticket.

All Riders Welcome

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ridden horses for years or never climbed into the saddle. At Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, all riders are welcome, regardless of skill level.

Maybe you have always wanted to ride a horse but have never had the chance. Book a one hour Bush & Creek Trail Ride for an easy beginners course. Someone from our staff will even instruct you on basic riding skills before you head out on the trail.

Alternatively, maybe you rode horses all the time as a kid but haven’t had an opportunity to be in the saddle in 10 or 15 years. Schedule a horse trail ride in Victoria and rediscover your love for horses. If you need a refresher course, our Senior Instructors would be happy to help. If you would prefer to dive right back into the sport, book one of our two or three hour rides and canter along as you bond with your horse.

Regardless of the route you choose and regardless of your experience with riding horses, our hope at Billabong Ranch is that you will finish your horse trail ride feeling replenished, relaxed and fulfilled. From spending time with animals to enjoying the silence and splendour of nature, a trail ride through our stunning forested property really can feel like a form of renewal.

Safe Trail Rides in Victoria

When you schedule a horse trail ride with Victoria’s Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, you can expect a 100% safe experience. Our instructors are all accredited with Horse Safety Australia; our horses are accustomed to trail rides with unfamiliar riders and we provide everything you need to have a safe ride—from basic training to standard safety helmets. Your safety and wellbeing are absolutely among our top concerns.

So switch off the cell phone, power down the laptop and leave the world behind for a day, as you explore the beautiful Red Gum Forests of Billabong Ranch. Call 03 5483 5122 to book your trail ride at our Victoria property today.

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