Enjoy Incredible Horse Trail Riding at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park in Victoria

Riding horses can be a great way to escape the drudgery of everyday life or even a magnificent holiday excursion. Horse trail riding at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park in Victoria offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia. Anyone can ride, from beginners all the way up to experienced riders. We offer a variety of rides that will suit all ages as well. Whether you are enjoying a ride with friends and family or are on a school holiday camp, Billabong Ranch Adventure Park hopes that you gain something by riding our beautiful horses.

Trail Riding Is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

Trail riding at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park takes riders through the gorgeous Red Gum Forests where they follow river trails and take in the surroundings. Riding is physically demanding as it requires strength to lift up into a saddle, muscle coordination to move the horse, and a sense of balance to complete a ride. While you ride, you develop a bond with the animal as well as enjoy some psychological benefits. Those who are learning to ride can develop self-confidence and a sense of pride in being successful at riding on our beautiful trails.

Riding Is Social

Trail riding at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park can be loads of fun with a group of friends, your family on holiday, or even your school mates. If you are new to riding, our professional instructors will be with you out on the trails adding another new friend to your circle. Riders also get a chance to be social with their horse. As humans, we enjoy companionship and like to communicate and interact with others. Horses do too and there are plenty of opportunities for socialisation while trail riding in Victoria.

One of our most social rides is the winery tour, which is available on horseback or by horse-drawn carriage. You and your party spend a day visiting the Cape Horn Vineyard on the Murray River. Taste some red and white wines and enjoy great food with good friends. A winery ride is a nice day out with friends or family away from the stresses of life.

Relax and Enjoy All That Billabong Ranch Adventure Park Has to Offer

Horse trail riding at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park is just plain fun. Getting up on a horse is something the average person doesn’t do every day. Our horses are magnificent and our instructors can provide you with all you need to have an enjoyable day out on the trails. Riding a horse can be very therapeutic too. With over 360 acres of land available at the ranch, there is a wealth of beautiful scenery to view. Riding is an excellent way to relax, socialise, and explore nature.

To experience all that we have to offer at Billabong Ranch Adventure Park, call us today on 03 5483 5122 or click the Contact tab on our website and fill out the online enquiry form. You can also book your trail rides, riding lessons, winery tours, and more in advance.

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