Enrol Your Child in an Outdoor Adventure Camp at Billabong Ranch for an Experience He Won’t Soon Forget

Heavyweights. The Parent Trap. Camp Rock. What do these films have in common? They all focus on the experiences of children at camp. While the plotlines of these films may be a bit extreme (finding your long lost twin?) in reality there is a range of benefits associated with attending an outdoor adventure camp. Camp affords children a break from the monotony of a school holiday that will in all likelihood be spent in front of some screen. This is a way for children’s minds and bodies to remain active while making new friends, learning new skills, and increasing self-confidence, and it provides an often necessary child-care option for working parents.

There are many options for outdoor adventure camps around Victoria. One of them is at the scenic Billabong Ranch Adventure Park.

Billabong Ranch—A Scenic Site for Outdoor Adventure Camps Near Victoria

Billabong Ranch is located just out of Echuca Moama, a mere 2.5-hour drive from Melbourne. The beautiful farm, stationed on nearly 400 acres of land, offers a wide range of exciting outdoor activities including swimming, hiking, biking, indoor mini-golf, trivia walks, and many more activities that would appeal to any child’s sense of wonder and excitement!

One of Billabong’s camps is a weeklong holiday adventure camp focusing on horse husbandry. Children learn how to groom and saddle a horse, take trail and river rides, learn about leather work and blacksmithing and much more! This six-night, five-day stay is ideal for kids between ages 7 and 17 who are crazy about horses and are ready to get their hands dirty, learn a thing or two about caring for animals, and meet other children with similar interests. It will surely be an experience your kiddo won’t soon forget. But if he does, you can always pull out the complimentary photos of his favourite horses and certificate of accomplishment to jog his memory.

Long or Short, Outdoor Adventure Camps Are Experiences Your Child is Sure to Love

While many children enjoy the independence experienced during a weeklong excursion, other kids might be more comfortable with a shorter stay amongst children they already know. Schools can organise these types of trips for up to 140 children for two or three days at a time.

Though these types of camp are shorter in length, they are jam packed with every bit the fun and educational experiences as their weeklong counterparts! Sample itineraries can be found online, but the first day of a two-day camping experience may include up to five activities such as Aussie Frisbee golf, archery, roping and pedal boating. And of course, what camping trip would be complete without marshmallows around the campfire?

There is no shortage of fun activities for children to enjoy at Billabong Ranch! If you are a parent hoping to fill your child’s upcoming holiday with experiences to help him or her learn and grown, please check out our selection of outdoor adventure camps. Whether for a weeklong stay, or a two-day respite, your child is sure to have a blast! If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to call us on 03 5483 5122.

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